What's Twaron®?



It is a synthetic material with properties and characteristics that are difficult to

find on any other fabric.

Resistance to heat, cutting, no melting point, very low flammability, make

TWARON® an innovative fibre with very high protection.

PMJ uses ballistic type TWARON® in its products, the same used in the

production of bulletproof vests, which differs from all other aramid knitted

fabrics thanks to the particular weave of these fibres and an exclusive fixing

treatment. The material obtained from these yarns is very compact, maintains

its breathability, and abrasion resistance and the cut is much higher than other

fabrics, also in aramid fibre type "Kevlar" on the market.

PMJ used abrasive and mechanical resistance tests on fabrics and on the

TWARON® used in its products.

All PMJ jeans are certified according to EN17092

TWARON® is tested for abrasion resistance, cut and tear according to EN13595 for more information visit the page https://www.pmj.it/twaron/

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